A while back we attended an interesting development event where we were asked, what should be done to create a world where your customers won´t even need same-day delivery? What would have to happen so the processes run smoothly enough to not have any situations that require same-day delivery? We

We have been offering same-day delivery and premium delivery logistics services (Taylor made) for 10 years now. Our home market is Scandinavia but we operate all over the world.
Not many know though that in the very beginning, 10 years ago, the plan was to launch a courier service. That was the business interest at

Customer centricity is what we aim for in our work at all times. Our service has so far included the transport business stample of answering queries and solving issues outside of working hours when needed. Our customers have requested for even more flexibility and transparency and so from now on

One of the most notorious contradictions in the logistics business is known to be between the price and the value. Our customers tell us religiously about how important the quality and transparency of our services is for them. At the same time though they also expect the best price.