We opened a new railway transport route from China to Estonia and Finland via the Trans-Caspian transit corridor - We have offered door-to-door railway transport service from China for already over a year, and now we have opened a new route from China to Estonia and Finland via the Trans-Caspian corridor, in order to avoid transit through Russia. In addition to this, we have developed a simple pricing model
With transport needed fast, time is not an issue - In our work, we are often faced with situations that need to be solved quickly and beyond regular working hours. We can get the job done and meet the needs of a client even if a third party messes up. One of such examples is described below.
On one snowy
The challenges of the transportation market in complex times - Since the 24th of February 2022, the world has changed. The end of the first and the whole of the second quarter of 2022 will be challenging for exporters/importers and logistics companies.
During the Coronavirus pandemic, supply chains had to adapt, with spiralling costs and fluctuations in the price of
Exotic express round trip to Montenegro! - Montenegro? Wait a minute – where is it and how do you get there?
In January, we had the pleasure of organising an express round-trip to Montenegro for one of our clients. It was the first time that Aberg Express had transported goods to this destination. The client needed to
Values matter - After Christmas, many of us take time for reflection to analyse the past and think about the future. This is also what we do at Aberg Express.
We at Aberg Express have always considered values, including soft values, important. We often ask ourselves why and how we do something and
Adventures under the Moroccan sun - Although Morocco is just a skip away from Spain, logistic companies are not very happy to receive requests to send goods to Morocco by road. If we ask our partners who would like to go to Morocco, only a few say yes. If you ask from people working in the
kiirtransport Road transport is faster than airfreight? - Did you know that courier/transport services by van can be faster than airfreight across Europe? You can save money and time when using van courier instead of air transport to deliver your shipments.
One of many examples from our recent courier service experience is an Italy-Finland transport of 1 pallet (400kg). This took
Same day delivery free world - A while back we attended an interesting development event. We were asked about our same day delivery. What could you do to create a world where your customers won´t even need it? What would have to happen so the processes run smoothly enough without this urgency service? We don´t have an answer