Price vs value in same day delivery (transport)

Price vs value in same day delivery (transport)

Our staff  has noticed that one of the most notorious contradictions in the transport business is known to be between the price and the value. Our customers tell us religiously about how important the quality of the same day delivery transport is. Not to mention transparency of any of our services. At the same time though our partners also expect the best price.

Same-day delivery and quality transport are worth the money

A customer told us that same day delivery once helped them through a rough situation. They nearly received a penalty of 89 000EUR because a piece of equipment was not delivered in time. Thanks to the quick operating and professional dispatching the crisis was reverted. Our logistics operator provided the customer with constant information about the status of the delivery. The customer was very happy.  The cost of this transport was a fraction of the loss they would have suffered.

Another customer told us that they were expecting a delivery in Spain but the goods were not at location at a promised time. When the logistics coordinator contacted the transport operator they were informed that the goods are currently in South Africa. The order was sent together with another shipment and were off to a little (big) roundtrip. The customer suffered a loss that was never covered.

Aberg Express has stepped in at the very last minute in many situations. To deliver something that was supposed to be delivered by someone else at an earlier time. Oftentimes customers buy price only. Which at first glance seems like a smart business decision but may end up in a situation where you pay much  more. For  regular delivery, additional costs in penalties and/or re-delivery. Not to mention the emotional distress and time that these situations take to be solved.

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At Aberg Express we are committed to ensuring the highest quality same day transport possible.
Our promise: we enjoy taking responsibility. We choose our partners wisely, monitor our shipments constantly, act instantly and take good care of the communication with all of our customers. Your success is important to us. We offer satisfaction guarantee.

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