Road transport is faster than airfreight?


Road transport is faster than airfreight?

Did you know that courier/transport services by van can be faster than airfreight across Europe? You can save money and time when using van courier instead of air transport to deliver your shipments.

One of many examples from our recent courier service experience is an Italy-Finland transport of 1 pallet (400kg). This took working days by van. By airfreight this would have taken 3 working days. We do realize that every situation is different and the time may vary but we have many of similar examples.

Van is specially faster in transport situations where:

  • Your shipment is size-wise suitable for a van or a truck
  • You wish to cut time off repeated loadings
  • You are afraid that your goods are injured in the process
  • You prefer guaranteed quality and a partner that takes full responsibility for the success of the entire process
  • Your shipment weighs 400-1500kg

You can also save money. Van or truck is in most cases 20% cheaper than air transport. Based on the example we gave you before. Air transport cost was 2680EUR+VAT. Van did the same work faster with 2043 EUR+VAT.

Our sample delivery times to our most used destinations*:

Finland = 5 h

Denmark = 26 h

Poland = 15 – 16 h

Germany = 26 h

Nederland = 28 h

Czech Republic = 24 h

Austria = 40 h

Spain = 60 h

England= 48 h

* Delivery starting point from Tallinn. Every transport service is different and is subject to adjustments.

Ask for an offer here or send us a letter (+372 5333 4000).

We arrange your transportation 24/7/365 and with every weather.

Also. We love complex transport situations. Should you need assistance with any dangerous goods or special measures delivery, we are here to help you succeed with your shipment.