With transport needed fast, time is not an issue

With transport needed fast, time is not an issue

In our work, we are often faced with situations that need to be solved quickly and beyond regular working hours. We can get the job done and meet the needs of a client even if a third party messes up. One of such examples is described below.

On one snowy Monday evening we got a request from a client at 22:51, to which we offered a solution of a charter van by 23:00 – in 9 minutes!

The client’s wish:

Loading on the next day, e.g. on Tuesday morning at 9.00, at 2665 Bleiswijk, the Netherlands

Unloading: in Tallinn, ASAP (on Wednesday evening the latest)

The volume of goods: not specified, should fit to the van; hazardous substance as part of the goods

Wish: the goods need to be insured before transport

Agreement: if the warehouse in the Netherlands fails to load the goods on the agreed time, the time of transport lengthens

The progress of the transport:

The van started its journey to the loading location at night and arrived on Tuesday at 8:31 as agreed.

The insurance partner of Aberg Express organised an additional insurance for the client in the morning.

As a result of a big delay and confusion in the consignor’s warehouse (loading was delayed, it was forgotten to load some of the goods), we were able to start moving from the warehouse only on Tuesday at 15:12.

5 pallets + 1 package with a total weight of 724 kg were loaded to the van.


The client had a real SOS-situation about getting the goods to Tallinn and due to our endeavours, the goods were delivered by Wednesday night at 21:25, although according to the initial agreement and delayed loading, we could also have delivered the goods by the early morning of Thursday.